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其作品於倫敦﹑紐約等多處大小劇場演出,並於2012年﹑2015年舉辦整晚節目的演出製作,獲得極大的回響與報導。並連續3年於美國紐約和加州獲選駐村藝術家,包括加州Djerassi resident artists program、the field artist residency space以及topaz arts的藝術家駐村計畫、2015年則獲選為CUNY dance initiative美國紐約州立大學皇后學院駐校舞團。

2015年夏季回台後,INTW積極參與台灣演出製作,包括連續三年獲邀大稻埕國際藝術節演出,演出作品《AMA》、《快樂嗎?諾拉》以及《四氣五味》。2016年獲得文化部藝術新秀首次創作發表補助,與黑潮海洋文教基金會合作,於花蓮牛山呼庭海灘演出環境地景創作《52 HERTZ》。2017年此作品入選台南藝術節城市舞台系列,於安平區觀夕平台黃金海岸演出。且其影像作品《52 Hertz》獲選於2017 Moving Images International Video Dance Festival展出。


2017年首度以《Before Sunrise》獲選入保加利亞『The Black Box International Festival』,於六月出國至Plovdiv普羅夫迪夫演出。2018年則以《四氣五味》受邀於紐約上州Roxbury Arts Center以及曼哈頓St.Mark Church In-The-Bowery演出。



InTW Studio was founded in Taiwan in 2016. InTW, the predecessor of InTW studio was established by Hsiao-Wei Hsieh and Hsiao-Ting Hsieh in New York in 2013.

InTW produces thoughtful, poetic and ambitious dance productions and takes human themes into choreography. The dance language in their choreography is rooted in their own culture, modern dance training(Graham Technique), movement analysis by Rudolf Laban, Baji Chuan, a form of Chinese Kung Fu, and their fascination with storytelling.

The venues that have hosted their works include prominent festivals and showcase in New York City and London. InTW was commissioned full-length production for the entire evening in 2012 and 2015; the productions were reported and well-received in newspapers.

InTW was also granted artist residency by various programs in the US, including Djerassi Resident Artists Program in CA, CUNY Dance Initiative, the Field Artist Residency Space, and TOPAZ ARTS artist residency program in NY. InTW has been selected to be the resident dance group in the Queens Campus of CUNY. In the same year, InTW was awarded the Helen L. and Peter S. Being Fellowship in California.

After they moved back to Taiwan in 2015, InTW presentedtheir work in “Tua-Tiu Tiann International Festival of Arts” for three consecutive years (2015-2017), “Taipei Fringe Festival” (2016), “Tainan Arts Festival” (2017,2018), “The Black Box International Festival” in Bulgaria (2017) and “Sunday Series” in New York(2018).



Upcoming Performance

2019.10.14-27 |《NARCOSIS》@ 『開廂季』-劇在抽屜 藝啟學

2019.11.22-30 |《CHI WEI》@ DZUL International Dance Festival 墨西哥 Mexico.坎佩切 Campeche